Dubai CrossFit Championship & How to Watch The LIVESTREAM

Dubai CrossFit Championship & How to Watch The LIVESTREAM


Dubai CrossFit Championship Livestream will be available and you can watch the competition that is taking place between December 16-18, 2021. The competition is at the Dubai Free Tennis Stadium and Ski Dubai Mall of the Emirates. This is an invite-only format with 20 male and 20 female athletes competing for the prize of up to $50,000.

Athletes Confirmed at Dubai CrossFit Championship

Male Division:

Name Nationality
Alex Kotoulas Greece
Andre Houdet Denmark
Elliot Simmonds U.K.
Fabia Beneito Selles Spain
Giorgos Karavis Greece
Henrik Haapalainen Finland
Jeffrey Adler Canada
Lazar Dukic Serbia
Luka Dukic Serbia
Mahmood Shalan U.A.E.
Mohamed El Omda U.A.E.
Moritz Fiebig Germany
Ricky Garard Australia
Roman Khrennikov Russia
Sam Stewart Ireland
Simon Mantyla Sweden
Tola Morakinyo U.S.A.
Uldis Upenieks Latvia
Willy Georges France

Female Division:

Name Nationality
Andrea Nisler U.S.A.
Angonese Manon Belgium
Christina Agerbeck Denmark
Emily Rolfe Canada
Emma Cary U.S.A.
Emma Lawson Canada
Evie Hollis U.K.
Gabriela Migala Poland
Jacqueline Dahlstrom Norway
Julie Hougard Denmark
Karin Freyova Slovakia
Kristin Holte Norway
Laura Horvath Hungary
Martine Solheim Norway
Mikaela Norman Sweden
Oddrun Gylfadottir Iceland
Rebecka Vitesson Sweden
Samantha Briggs U.K.
Sara Sigmundsdottir Iceland
Thuri Helgadottir Iceland


Dubai CrossFit Championship Workouts

At the moment, workouts have not been made public as of yet. However, we do know that athletes will be tested in the snow for the first time.

Where To Watch The Dubai CrossFit Championship Livestream?

At the moment, there is no livestream available. From our research there is assurances that there will be a free livestream available closer to the starting date of the tournament.

As soon as the Dubai CrossFit Championship Livestream is available, Thick and Sexy will update this blog post with the details.

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